Filing a Georgia Wrongful Death Claim

Damages in a Georgia wrongful death claim are calculated as if the victim had survived; the court calculates damages as losses sustained by the victim. Though the wrongful death claim is filed by surviving family, the court views the family as the victim's representatives. Clayton County wrongful death attorney Shane Smith represents families who have lost loved ones in auto accidents, truck accidents, and DUI accidents.

It is imperative that the family consults an experienced Clayton County wrongful death attorney if they believe there is a wrongful death claim. The family can provide information that will help the review of the claim:

  • The victim's official death certificate
  • Police accident reports
  • Autopsy reports (if any)
  • The victim's Social Security number, driver's license number, and military identification
  • The victim's marriage certificate
  • The victim's Last Will and Testament
  • The victim's marriage certificate
  • Funeral documentation including receipts, contracts, and burial plot deed
  • The victim's life insurance policies

Georgia juries in wrongful death claims may consider the victim's life, age, health, business situation, activities, and other facts relevant to the case. Jurors may also consider the victim's expected earnings during the duration of his working lifetime, his medical benefits or retirement/pension that would have been accrued, any expected inheritance he had not yet received, and the victim's physical or mental suffering endured prior to death as a direct result of his injuries.

You should hire an experienced Clayton County wrongful death attorney if you will file a lawsuit on behalf of a family member who died due to another's negligence. Call Shane Smith Law for a free consultation.

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