Attorney Explains Economic Damages in an Atlanta Truck Accident Claim (Part A)

If you’ve been involved in a truck accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your economic and non-economic losses through a truck accident claim. While this retribution may not take away the pain, it can make the consequences of the pain much easier to bear. To preserve your rights, consult an Atlanta truck accident attorney. 

Economic Losses from an Atlanta Truck Accident Claim 

Economic losses are those that result in losing money. For instance, if you need to seek medical care following the truck accident, you will need to pay the medical bill. This can be a costly expense. For this reason, when you file a truck accident claim, you may ask for reimbursement of the economic losses from the truck accident. 

Besides medical care expenses, there are some other economic losses you may be eligible to receive from your claim, such as: 

  • lost wages from not being able to work due to your injuries;
  • lost future wages if the injuries leave you disabled
  • cost of ambulance services ;
  • past, current, and future medication expenses as a result of the truck accident;
  • cost of physical therapy for rehabilitation; and
  • burial and funeral expenses to relatives if the accident led to fatal injuries. 

Economic losses are easier to claim because they have a specific dollar amount. To build your case, keep all documentation from medical treatment and services you receive having to do with the truck accident. The more proof you have that the accident caused you to spend money the better. 

An Atlanta truck accident attorney can help you understand what you need to file in a truck accident claim. He will also be able to help you determine future expenses from the accident you may not have thought of. In addition, he could help you with non-economic losses you may be entitled to from the accident.

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