Cargo Mistakes Can Cause Truck Accidents

Many different reasons can cause accidents involving large commercial trucks. Driver error, improper maintenance, and negligent hiring are all common causes of accidents. Another lesser-realized truck accident cause has to do with the way the cargo is loaded into the trailer of the truck. Cargo can weigh thousands of pounds and, if it is not loaded correctly, the truck may be involved in a dangerous collision. An experienced truck accident attorney in Coweta County knows how to identify cargo issues in accidents and hold the correct parties responsible for their negligent actions.

There are many common ways that cargo may be loaded in an improper manner. For example:

  • Under-loading—if the trailer is under-loaded, it may be too light. This may cause the trailer to sway into adjacent lanes at high speeds, during high winds, or when the truck is turning.
  • Over-loading—Over-loaded trucks may become too top heavy, which can cause the trailer to shift from the wheels on one side of the truck to the other. This can cause rollover accidents, which often cause serious destruction.
  • Not properly balanced—if the cargo is not loaded evenly, tipping or swaying may occur, causing collisions with vehicles in adjacent lanes.
  • Not properly secured—Cargo that is not properly secured can shift inside the trailer on hills or turns. Such shifts may cause the driver to lose control or have difficulty stopping.

When a trailer tips over, sways, or jackknifes, the trailer can take out any smaller cars or people in its path and cause devastating injuries and damage.

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For an average person, identifying when cargo issues caused an accident may be difficult or even impossible. For this reason, victims should always have the assistance of an experienced truck accident attorney who knows how to determine liability in truck accident cases. If you have been injured, do not hesitate to contact Shane Smith Law for help today at (980) 246-2656 We offer free consultations and do not charge any fees unless you win your case.

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