How a Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help You

Accidents involving large commercial trucks have the extreme potential to cause very serious injuries, permanent disabilities, or even death. If the accident occurred because another party acted in a negligent manner, you deserve full compensation for all of the injury and accident-related losses you suffered. Accident victims can pursue such compensation by bringing a truck accident claim against the responsible party. Legal claims can be very complex, as determining and proving the cause of an accident is rarely easy. Additionally, trucking companies often have legal teams and insurance agents who will all be working against you to avoid liability and show that no negligence was involved. Finally, courts have strict procedures that must be followed during the lawsuit process, otherwise, you risk losing your case. For all of these reasons, you should always have an experienced Coweta County truck accident lawyer handling your case to ensure you receive the maximum amount of compensation.

Truck accident claims can also be complicated as there are many different parties who may have acted negligently and contributed to the accident. For example, some potentially liable parties may include:

  • The truck driver

  • The trucking company

  • The truck manufacturer

  • The cargo loading crew

  • The owner of the truck

  • The truck maintenance crew

If you fail to bring a claim against the correct party, you risk losing all chances of recovery. For example, if you sue the truck driver, but the accident was actually caused because of a brake failure that was beyond the driver’s control, you will likely lose your case. An attorney can help determine the correct responsible party in your case.

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