4 Things NOT to do When Confronting a Suspected Drunk Driver in Georgia

If you’re lucky enough to have escaped immobilizing injuries after a car accident with a suspected drunk driver, you'll want to keep yourself out of trouble until police arrive. While this may mean personal safety measures like getting away from the wreckage and staying off the roads, it also means not stirring up trouble with a potentially drunken driver.

Here are 4 things NOT to do when interacting with the other driver after car accidents caused by drunk drivers: 
  • Don’t go in angry. Stomping over to the other vehicle yelling and screaming isn’t going to do you any good. You may be frustrated, but the statements made during a tirade could be used against you if any witnesses are around to confirm a confrontation.
  • Don’t look for evidence. You have no right to go into a vehicle looking for empty beer cans or liquor bottles. It’s the police officer’s job to do these kinds of searches, not yours.
  • Don’t accuse the driver of being drunk. When talking to the other driver, be calm and let him or her do the talking. You may be able to pick up a lot more evidence of impairment if you listen, rather than pointing blame without legal evidence of DUI.
  • Don’t interfere with the police’s work. The officers at the scene know how to do their job, so you don’t need to demand they test the other driver for suspicion of DUI. They’ll do the evaluations necessary in your situation regardless if you demand them or not. 

The important thing to remember in accidents caused by drunk drivers is that they’re not considered drunk drivers until there is evidence supporting that claim. The police are there to handle this investigative process, so you should focus only on what to do after a car accident to preserve your personal injury claim. 

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