Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer Answers Question - Do I have to give a recorded statement to an insurance adjuster?

Atlanta car accident attorney Shane Smith answers the question - Do I have to give the insurance company adjuster a recorded statement about my car wreck.  The short answer is no.  It is entirely possible to get your car repaired and fixed without giving a recorded statement.  Usually in my car accident practice we will send the adjuster a copy of the accident report and this will give them enough information to start the repairs.  This is especially true for a regular rear end collision in Atlanta. 
     The insurance company's use the recorded statement to look for any reason to deny your claim.  They want to try and get you to say that you were going a certain speed.  After you are on tape, they will check to see if the speed limit was less than what you said.  They want to get you to say what hurts, and then deny paying for any injury you forgot to list.  Maybe they can get you to say you took a prescription drug earlier in the day or that you answered your cell phone.  All of these are things they do to look for a reason to deny your claim. 
     Atlanta car wreck lawyer Shane Smith advises you to call and discuss your accident with him prior to giving a recorded statement.  He has handled hundreds of car accident cases in Atlanta and Georgia.  Let him go over the likely questions with you prior to the statement if you are going to give one.  A few minutes could keep you from getting a denial letter or from complicating and delaying payment on your case.
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