According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), the number of fatalities and injuries in “Large Truck Crashes” have increased every year, year-over-year, from 2009 to 2011. The statistics are as follows for each respective year:

  • 3,380, 3,686, and 3,757 for fatalities
  • 74,000, 80,000, and 88,000 for injuries

Based on 2010 research from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, truck accidents are a serious problem. The following statistics are from the study that covers 18-wheel tractor-trailers and related commercial motor vehicles:

  • Half a million trucks engaged in commerce were a party to motor vehicle accidents
  • As of 2012, this study predicted that 20 percent more commercial trucks are on the road

With these statistics, there is a chance that you or a family member may be involved in a truck accident. Therefore, if you have never been involved in a truck accident, and you are the unfortunate victim of a truck accident and can walk away from it, the following is a general guide on what you should do to ensure relevant information is available for your Trickem truck accident lawyer during your free legal consultation.

When you speak with a Gwinnett County truck accident attorney you are able to determine your legal rights if you have been wronged by a responsible driver.

What did the study find as a cause of truck accidents?

The study found three main causes of truck accidents including the truck veering from its lane, the driver could no longer keep control of the vehicle and the truck rear-ended the vehicle in front of it.

What was it blamed on?

The three causes were broken down into the driver’s performance, the current weather conditions, and the environment where the truck was driving. For example, when it comes to driver error, it could be from the driver simply not being able to drive optimally (if they are tired). Drivers can also not be able to recognize a potential hazard because they are distracted because they are eating talking or texting on their cellphone.

Depending on the exact circumstances of the accident, if a truck driver is determined to be negligent, usually determined by the police report, witness statements, or other type of evidence, a personal injury claim may exist.

Actions to Take Immediately After a Truck Accident

Assuming you are not seriously hurt and can walk after the truck accident, you want to record as much information as possible. This includes taking photographs and working with law enforcement and other public safety officials. Other relevant information includes:

  • The name of the trucking company
  • The license plate of the truck
  • All other drivers and vehicles involved in the accident
  • The date, time, and weather conditions before, during and after the accident (if possible)

This information may not be as forthcoming or able to obtain depending on where the truck ends up, where your car ends up if you are even medically fine to obtain any of this information. However, along with the help of your Gwinnett County truck accident lawyer at Shane Smith Law, there is ample opportunity to obtain information after you obtain the necessary medical attention to see if a personal injury claim exists.

What information can be obtained after the truck accident?   

Working with your Georgia truck accident lawyer you will be able to supply him or her with relevant dates, injuries, and associated information to find relevant documents including the Police Report, medical records, and other documents that will help in determining what party or party is at fault. 

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