Common Injuries From Trucks in Accidents in Georgia (Part A)

Car accidents can cause many types of common injuries like bruises, whiplash, and small scrapes and cuts. The severity of injuries can increase to conditions like Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) or internal bleeding when crashes are caused by commercial trucks. Accidents like these may require an Atlanta personal injury attorney to help victims seek damages for their injuries and losses.

The Common Types of Injuries from Crashes with Trucks

Accidents that are caused by commercial trucks often result in much more severe or fatal injuries. This is due to the large size of the truck adding more weight and force to the impact. With thousands of commercial truck accidents occurring every year, some of the most common types of serious injuries include: 

  • head trauma;
  • spinal cord injury;
  • TBI;
  • internal bleeding;
  • loss of limb; and
  • severe burns. 

Some of these injuries, like TBI, can create complications throughout the entire body. If a critical part of the brain is affected, it can impair other body systems and cause lifelong disability. Other injuries, like internal bleeding, can be fatal if not treated quickly. Severe burns and loss of limb can cause permanent disfigurement, leaving victims to suffer emotional distress and physical complications in the years to come.

These devastating results of serious crashes with semi-trucks and accidents with tractor-trailers are why it’s important to contact an Atlanta personal injury attorney to help you with your injury claim. A standard insurance company settlement may not take into consideration all of the long-term complications and expenses your injuries may create. These future damages are often overlooked in an initial settlement, leaving you worrying about how to pay for any medical concerns or losses in the future.

Continue reading to learn how your Atlanta personal injury attorney can help you avoid accepting an unfair settlement and what kind of compensation you need to seek through your injury claim.

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