Can Truck Drivers use Radar Detectors?

Commercial truck accidents are a significant public health concern in the United States. The sheer size and weight of these vehicles makes them particularly dangerous to drivers of smaller passenger vehicles. In addition, they often carry cargo that may cause injuries to people who were not even involved in the initial accident. As a result, the entire trucking industry is subject to strict state and federal regulation. These regulations cover many issues relating to truck safety, including licensing, hours-of-service limits, drug testing, and cargo regulations. Unfortunately, these regulations are not always followed and injury causing accidents often result. It is important for anyone injured in a truck accident to retain the services of an experienced Clayton County truck accident attorney as soon as possible for a free consultation. The lawyers of Shane Smith Law are dedicated personal injury advocates who work hard to get victims of negligence the compensation they deserve.

There are many ways in which truck accidents may occur, ranging from driver error to mechanical failure. Often, truck drivers may have financial incentives to deliver a haul as quickly as possible, making them more likely to work longer than allowed or drive faster than the posted speed limit. To try and discourage such behavior, truck drivers are subject to strict penalties if they are found violating trucking regulations. In order to deter speeding by truck drivers, federal regulations have prohibited the use of radar detectors in commercial vehicles that are involved in interstate commerce since 1994. The rationale behind this ban is that allowing truck drivers to use radar detectors would encourage speeding, increasing the risk of an adverse event.

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