Federal Stopping Distance Standards and Large Trucks

Semi-trucks and other large commercial vehicles generally weigh several times what the average passenger vehicle weights. In addition to meaning that semi-trucks have the potential to cause significant damage and severe injury in the event of a collision, it also means that need much more room to come to a complete stop. Because of the risk of serious injury that these vehicles pose, almost every aspect of the industry is highly regulated by both state and federal law. In spite of the regulations, accidents continue to occur, sometimes resulting in significant injury to those involved. Fortunately, a skilled truck accident lawyer may be able to help victims recover financial compensation for their injuries and other losses.

Semi-truck stopping distance is among the issues that are regulated by the federal government. In an effort to improve tractor-trailer safety, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently amended the federal motor vehicle safety standard on air brake systems to require a shorter stopping than previously required. The new standards require the following:

  • 250 feet when loaded to the gross vehicle rating and tested at 60 miles per hour
  • 310 feet for a small number of extremely heave severe service tractors under the same conditions
  • 235 feet for tractors that are loaded to their “lightly loaded vehicle weight”

When trucks fail to stop in time to avoid an accident, the damage can be severe. Victims may sustain injuries that require intensive medical treatment and ongoing rehabilitation, and may even suffer long-term medical complications. In these cases, a settlement or award to compensate victims for the crash may be the only way that victims will be able to provide for themselves or their families. As a result, it is extremely important to discuss your case with an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

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