Information About Underride Truck Accidents

Commercial trucks, such as tractor trailers and semi-trucks, are commonly involved in many different types of accidents. For example, jackknife accidents occur when a trailer hinges on its coupling, causing it to swing into adjacent lanes of traffic until it is perpendicular to the truck cabin, and override accidents happen when the front of a truck runs over the back of another vehicle. Though any type of commercial truck accident can be dangerous, one of the most devastating types of truck accidents is the underride accident. Injuries in underride accidents are often fatal. If victims survive, they often suffer debilitating injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries, spinal injuries, internal organ damage, and more. Surviving victims of this type of accident are often left with permanent disabilities or disfigurements. If the accident was caused by someone else’s negligence, the accident victims deserve to be fully compensated for all of their injuries, disabilities, pain and suffering, and other losses. If you have been injured in a truck accidents, you should not hesitate to call an experienced truck accident lawyer in Fayette County to get started on a claim for compensation.

Underride accidents occur when a car or other small vehicle runs into rear-end of a truck and actually goes under the bottom of the trailer. When this occurs, the windshield of the car can directly collide with the trailer, therefore the impact on the victims is usually direct and severe. These accidents often occur because truck drivers stop or brake too suddenly or if they make a dangerous lane change and cut off the small car.

Commercial trucks are required to have safety bars under their trailers, meant to prevent cars from going under the trailer in order to limit injury. However, many of these safety bars have malfunctioned in recent years and underride accidents continue to occur.

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