Particular Dangers of Flatbed Truck Accidents

There are several different types of large commercial trucks that travel the roads and freeways of Georgia and the United States, in general, every single day. The type of truck needed for each individual trip often depends on the type of cargo that particular driver is transporting. While boxed up cargo and smaller items may fit neatly into a regular semi-truck, some items that must be moved are too big and/or heavy to be carried in a regular tractor-trailer. Such items include large pieces of lumber, construction equipment, military vehicles, homes, large boulders, and more. These types of large, heavy items are most often transported on flatbed trucks. If a flatbed truck gets in an accident with a motor vehicle, the occupants of that motor vehicle often suffer serious injury. Any truck accident victims should contact an experienced truck accident lawyer in Coweta County as soon as possible to learn how they may recover for their injuries and losses.

On a flatbed truck, there are no walls or doors of a trailer to hold the cargo in. Therefore, in the event of a collision, the cargo often comes loose and tumbles onto the road. For instance, lumber often spills off of a flatbed in an accident, hitting cars and blocking the road. When a large log or piece of equipment falls onto the roof of a small car, you can likely imagine how the resulting injuries can be devastating. Sometimes, the truck driver makes an error and is solely at fault. Sometimes, the cargo is not properly strapped down, which may be the fault of a third party. Determining all the responsible parties in a flatbed truck accident may be complicated.

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If you have been involved in an accident with a flatbed or any other type of commercial truck, you are likely facing overwhelming medical bills, an extensive recovery process, lost wages for time missed from work, possible permanent health problems, and more. You deserve to receive full and fair compensation for all of your accident-related losses, and a dedicated truck accident attorney at Shane Smith Law can help you do just that. 

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