Trucking Companies and Negligent Hiring

Many commercial truck accidents are caused by driver error, however trucking companies may often also be held liable for accidents and injuries caused by a driver. One common reason a trucking company may be legally responsible is if the company engaged in negligent hiring practices. If a company negligently hires an unsafe or unqualified driver and that driver causes injuries, all injured victims should be able to recover from that company. If you have suffered injury, do not hesitate to consult with an experienced Coweta County truck accident attorney for assistance today.

Trucking companies should always examine the following factors for every applicant when making hiring decisions:

  • Whether the driver holds a valid commercial driver’s license

  • Whether the driver has qualifications to drive any special type of commercial truck—such as a HAZMAT truck—if necessary for the job

  • Has the driver passed the required physical health examination?

  • Does the driver have a history of mental illness of chemical dependency?

  • Did the driver pass a drug test?

  • Does the driver have citations for reckless driving or other serious traffic violations on his driving record?

  • Has the driver caused any serious or fatal accidents?

  • Does the driver have any convictions for violent offenses on his criminal record?

If there are warning signs and the company hires the driver regardless, the company may be found negligent by a court.

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All truck drivers are expected to act in a reasonably safe manner while on the job, and trucking companies are also held to that standard. One way to prevent accidents and injuries is to always make sure the company hires qualified, safe, and responsible truck drivers. If a company fails to do so, all accident victims should receive full compensation for losses form that company. At Shane Smith Law, our truck accident lawyers know how to take on trucking companies large and small, and we work so our clients recover the full amount they deserve. If you would like to schedule a free consultation to discuss a potential case, call our office today at (980) 246-2656.

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