What to Expect After a Wal-Mart Slip-And-Fall Accident in Georgia

When you visit Wal-Mart or any supermarket or store, you expect a safe environment. When property owners or property possessors do not keep their property safe, people can get hurt as a result. Slip-and-fall injuries are often the result of failing to keep a property safe and free of hazards. 

When you fall on a business property, the premises can be considered a safety risk and the fall known as a Georgia slip-and-fall accident. Although you and the employees at the store at the time of your injury know that you fell and suffered injuries, the owner or the insurance company will likely not want to give you money for your injuries.

What You Can Expect after Falling in a Wal-Mart

Before you can collect money from a store for your injuries, it needs to be determined that the store had a dangerous condition on their property, that they knew about the danger and didn’t do anything to repair the problem, or that it was reasonable to assume that they should have known about the property hazard. 

Usually, a business like Wal-Mart will not want to offer you compensation, or they will try to settle quickly with you for an amount with which all parties will be happy. You need to be aware that they won’t offer you the amount of money you will need to cover all of your hospital and medical bills, rehabilitation costs, future doctor visits and medical bills, out-of-pocket costs, and lost income.

If the store doesn’t agree that dangerous conditions existed on their property, or they refuse to pay you what you believe you deserve based on your medical expenses and lost wages, you should speak with an experienced Peachtree City slip-and-fall attorney.

You can pursue a negligence claim for damages; however, you need to know that it can be a heated case if the store pushes back and denies any wrongdoing on their part. An attorney can tell you how much money other victims of accidents similar to your slip-and-fall accident have received, and a knowledgeable slip-and-fall attorney can also tell you if you have a case, helping you get fully compensated for your injuries.

For help getting fair compensation for negligence on the part of a business, contact Shane Smith Law immediately following your slip and fall and seek medical treatment. To speak with an experienced Georgia slip-and-fall attorney in a complimentary consultation, call (980) 246-2656 today.

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