An Overview of Facial Injuries in a Georgia Truck Accident (Part B)

After a wreck, you might not know what to do about your car accident injuriesFacial injuries should be treated immediately and you should meet with a car accident attorney in Atlanta about how to cover your medical bills for this kind of treatment. Truck accident statistics show that crashes involving a regular car and commercial vehicle can be much more serious, and deadly, than any other kind of accident. 

How Facial Injuries are Treated

Treatment for car accident injuries to the face can include basic first aid, medicine, and surgery. Because of the location of the injury, on the face, most victims request swift treatment so that the long-standing effects of many facial injuries do not have time to manifest as permanent scars or disfigurement. Treatment methods usually are determined by: 

  • the location, severity, and type of injury;
  • when the injury occurred; and
  • the age, health, and activities of the injured person in question. 

If you have suffered an injury to the face it is important to check that you don’t have injuries elsewhere like in the eyes, teeth, or head that also require medical treatment. 

What are some truck accident statistics?

Because of their large size and weight, accidents with trucks can cause not only facial injuries but a myriad of other serious car accident injuries:  

  • approximately 130,000 people are injured each year in trucking accidents;
  • nearly 22 percent of all truck accidents result in injuries; and
  • for every 100 million miles driven on American roads, there are 2.3 deaths and 60.5 injuries caused by commercial trucks. 

If you have endured life-changing car accident injuries, including facial injuries, call a car accident attorney in Atlanta to see if you qualify to file a personal injury claim for compensation. Do not let yourself be a victim of truck accident statistics; seek legal aid to get the compensation you deserve.

Providing the Legal Help You Need after an Atlanta Trucking Accident

To learn more about the rights of accident victims and what you can do to protect your case, request one of Shane Smith’s books: 10 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Georgia Wreck Case and Property Damage Guide for Georgia. These books provide valuable tips from an experienced Atlanta personal injury lawyer and facts for Georgia injury victims and are available free of charge to Georgia accident victims and their families. Contact our offices at (980) 246-2656.

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