Truck Accidents Caused By Cargo

Commercial truck accidents can happen for a wide variety of reasons and can cause devastating damage to multiple vehicles on the road.  One of the most dangerous types of truck accidents is caused by the cargo in the back of the truck.  Trucks carry all different kinds of cargo, e.g. food, animals, automobiles, furniture, boxed goods, building materials, gasoline, and much, much more. Each particular type of cargo must be loaded in a very specific way in order to ensure the truck trailer stays balanced while on the road.  If cargo is improperly loaded in some way, trailers may sway, shift, or even tip over, and may cause serious accidents and severe injuries to occupants of the surrounding vehicles.  An experienced truck accident attorney in Coweta County knows how to identify cargo loading issues in accidents and hold the proper parties responsible.

Cargo may be improperly loaded in many different ways. For instance, if the truck is not loaded with enough cargo, the trailer may be too light and may sway out of its designated lane during turns or due to higher winds. On the other hand, if a truck trailer is overly loaded, it may become top heavy and may shift from one set of wheels to another, and may even tip over. If cargo is loaded in an uneven manner, similar swaying or tipping may occur.  Finally, if cargo is not properly secured inside the truck, it may shift during the drive on turns or hills, causing unexpected weight changes and maybe even causing the driver to lose control of the truck. When a trailer exits its designated lane, sways uncontrollably, or tips over, it often may take out any smaller cars in its path and cause devastating injuries. Therefore, it is imperative that trucks are always loaded by qualified personnel who know how to handle that particular type of cargo.

If you have been injured in a truck accident and you suspect it was due to cargo issues, truck accident lawyer Shane Smith knows how to investigate and show that the truck company negligently loaded that cargo.  Do not hesitate to contact our office for help today at (980) 246-2656.

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