What Are Some Examples of Box Truck Driver Negligence?

Box trucks are a common sight on highways and roads and around the Atlanta area, and are used by both professional and non-professional drivers alike. Often, these are the types of trucks rented out by do-it-yourself moving companies or home improvement stores to allow consumers to move large pieces of furniture or building materials themselves. Generally speaking, a commercial driver’s license (CDL) is not required to drive a box truck – as a result, box truck drivers may have little or no experience driving larger vehicles, and may cause accidents as a result. Because of the serious potential injuries victims may sustain in a box truck accident, those affected should be certain to consult with an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

Box truck driver negligence can take many forms, many of which could apply to the driver of any motor vehicle. In other cases, the type of negligence in question may be specific to the operation or loading of a box truck. Some common examples of the way that negligence can result in box truck accidents include:

  • Speeding
  • Failure to check mirrors
  • Improperly loading the vehicle
  • Failure to secure the lift gate
  • Failure to properly secure cargo
  • Failure to observe traffic signals
  • Distracted driving
  • Impaired driving

There are many ways that a box truck accident can be the result of driver negligence, and an experienced attorney will be able to investigate your case and determine whether you have a legal claim.

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Box truck accidents can leave victims with significant medical expenses and health complications. Fortunately, these and other losses may be recoverable under Georgia law. The truck accident lawyers of Shane Smith Law are dedicated to helping the victims of negligence recover for their injuries. To schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys, call our office today at (980) 246-2656.

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