What Happens if Semi-Truck Equipment Fails?

Semi-trucks are massive pieces of machinery that can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. It is essential, therefore, for all aspects of a truck and its ancillary equipment to function as it should at all times. The federal regulations regarding semi-trucks and other commercial vehicles require that all drivers perform a pre-trip inspection to ensure vehicle safety, but this inspection does not always occur and may not be sufficient. When truck equipment malfunctions due to a manufacture defect or the failure of a truck driver or trucking company to maintain a vehicle, victims may be able to recover by filing a personal injury claim. Because of the complicated legal issues that often arise in truck accident cases caused by equipment failure, it is advisable for victims to retain the representation of a Peachtree City truck accident attorney as soon as possible after an accident.

Different types of equipment failure may implicate negligence on several different parties in the event of a truck accident. For example, an accident caused by worn or underinflated tires may indicate that the party responsible for the maintenance of the truck was negligent. On the other hand, an accident caused by the failure of an axel or steering mechanism may give rise to legal liability on the part of the vehicle manufacturer. Some of the types of truck equipment that can result in accidents include:

  • Brakes
  • Coupling devices
  • Steering mechanisms
  • Tires
  • External lamps

People who are involved in truck accidents should seek medical attention as soon as possible to ensure that their injuries are properly treated.

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