What is Trucking Safety Culture?

In past decades, much attention was directed toward many potentially dangerous practices in the commercial trucking industry. Both companies and drivers alike were often guilty of speeding, violating federal regulations, falsifying records, and much more in order to make deliveries faster and make a larger profit. Some drivers even reported having their jobs threatened if they did not violate certain laws. If you have been involved in a truck accident because a driver or company acted in a negligent or dangerous manner, a Corinth truck accident attorney can help you hold that party responsible for their actions.

Safety Culture

In response to such dangerous practices, many truck companies have tried to institute “safety culture” into their company’s practices. Such practices include the following:

  • Having safety be a top value and priority of the company and all employees

  • Using automatic recorders on trucks to track hours, speed, and more

  • Using devices such as speed governors to control truck speed

  • Changing terminology from “accident” or “mistake” to instead say “crash” in order to emphasize the danger of such incidents

  • Having thorough safety and values training be an integral part of hiring practices

  • Having clear policies regarding safety and strict disciplinary measures for those who violate safety practices

  • Striving for driver satisfaction to increase retention, thereby reducing the number of inexperienced drivers with a company

These are only some of the efforts that trucking companies have made to encourage safety culture and strive to prevent accidents.

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Despite many efforts on the part of commercial trucking companies to institute safety culture among its employees and drivers, truck accidents will still continue to occur and result in serious injuries to other motorists. If you have suffered injury in an accident because truck driver or company was not acting in a safe manner, you deserve to be fully compensated for your losses by any and all negligent parties. The experienced truck accident lawyers at Shane Smith Law help truck accident victims receive the settlements they deserve, so please call today at (980) 246-2656.

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