What Is My Truck Accident Claim Worth?

In some cases, a personal injury case following an accident with a large commercial truck can be worth a significant amount of money for the victims. On the other hand, sometimes the truck accident case is worth next to nothing due to only minor injuries suffered. In the latter cases, it may not make sense for truck accident victims to spend months or even years pursuing a claim. No matter what your situation is, you should always contact a Coweta County truck accident lawyer to schedule a case evaluation.

Some of the factors involved in determining the worth of a truck accident case include the following:

  • How serious are your injuries?
  • Did you suffer any permanent disabilities or disfigurements?
  • Did you experience pain and suffering?
  • How extensive was your treatment?
  • Do your injuries affect your cognitive abilities?
  • Can you return to work following the accident or did you lose wages?
  • How egregious were the acts of the responsible truck driver?
  • What kind of future medical treatment will be necessary?
  • Is your ability to conduct everyday activities affected?

For example, if you are in a truck accident, and you simply suffer a scratch on your arm, you likely will have very little reason to go to court. However, if you must have your legs amputated, have scarring, experienced pain and suffering, require extensive treatment, and are unable to ever work again, you may be going after millions of dollars. The value of a case simply depends on the details.

Contact a Coweta County personal injury attorney for a free consultation

In short, the value of a truck accident case depends on many different factors and is usually estimated on a case by case basis. The experienced truck accident attorneys at Shane Smith Law will evaluate your potential case with you for free, so that you may make an educated decision regarding whether a legal case is worth your time and energy. If you believe you m ay have a truck accident case, call (980) 246-2656 today to set up your free consultation and case evaluation.

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