Four teens injured in truck wreck

Four Alcovy High School students are in the hospital following a one-vehicle crash that occurred around 4pm on Wednesday, December 9.  

The teenagers had just left school and were traveling westbound on Picket Bridge Road, a dirt road near Georgia Highway 36. The 16-year-old driver had one passenger in fron and two in the rear.  

They were speeding as they came over the crest of a hill. The driver lost control of the truck, hit an embankment, struck a tree and rotated coming to rest on the north shoulder of the road. After stopping, the vehicle caught on fire.

Nearby residents heard the crash and came to help. Two of the students were outside the truck and it was unclear if they had gotten out or were ejected during the crash. The other two were pulled from the vehicle.

All four sustained serious injuries and were taken to Atlanta Medical Center for treatment. One student remains in critical condition with severe head injuries.  

Shane Smith Law wish the boys a speedy recovery.

Teenagers between the ages of 16 and 19 have the highest traffic-fatality rate of any age group and traffic accidents are the leading cause of death of teenagers. Inexperience, bravado, distraction and too many passengers contribute to the disproportional amount of accidents that involve young drivers.

We hate to hear of lives ended before they’ve truly begun, so we’ve a list of safety tips to help keep your teen driver safe.

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