10 Distractive Behaviors That Can Cause an Atlanta Car Accident

Filing an injury claim? An Atlanta car accident attorney with Shane Smith Law can help determine who was at fault and what types of evidence will be necessary to support your case. Distracted driving is one type of negligence that is common in many crashes. While some forms of distracted driving are more known than others, anything that takes a driver’s eyes off the road for even a second could result in a collision. 

The following are 10 distractive behaviors that could cause a car accident:

  • adjusting dials on the radio or climate control system;
  • assisting another passenger (handing over an object or trying to adjust a buckle);
  • spilling something and cleaning it up (food or liquids, especially something that is hot);
  • retrieving an object on the floor or behind the seat;
  • reading (anything from a map to a book);
  • grooming (shaving, applying makeup, brushing hair);
  • arguments with other passengers or on the phone;
  • talking on a cell phone;
  • using a device (texting, looking up a phone number, checking email, inputting data into a GPS); and
  • interacting with a pet in the vehicle. 

Some drivers are guilty of engaging in more than one type of distractive behavior. These behaviors behind the wheel become even riskier in certain situations. For instance, combining distractions with poor weather or road conditions may be even more dangerous. If you are traveling at a higher rate of speed and are distracted, the impact of a crash could be more significant. 

Distracted driving isn’t the only form of negligence. There are other types of careless or reckless actions that can be just as dangerous on the road and may lead to someone being seriously injured in a car accident.  

Seeking Help from an Atlanta Car Accident Attorney 

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