First Steps of a Truck Accident Claim: Avoiding Early Settlement

One of the main concerns truck accident victims have after their wreck is how they are going to pay for all the expenses and losses they have accumulated as they recover from their injuries. A serious truck accident can cost victims hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical expenses while they’re unable to earn their regular income. 

The insurance companies know you are most likely under a heavy financial burden after a truck accident, and they may attempt to offer you a quick settlement before you have time to contact an Atlanta personal injury attorney. Before you even glance at a dollar amount, apprise your attorney of the situation! 

An initial offer from the insurance company is designed to pay minimal compensation for damages you are seeking in your truck accident claim. The insurance company is hoping that you’ll take any money they offer just to get some of the financial burden off your back, but your attorney will tell you that a full settlement is worth fighting for. 

With the help of your attorney, you can produce the necessary evidence to show you are entitled to a much higher settlement that covers your damages -- both current and future. Remember that recovery from serious injuries can take months, even years, and leave you with permanent damages that require further medical care and expenses. 

If a settlement is offered while you’re still in the initial steps after a Georgia truck accident, you immediately should bring it to the attention of your attorney.  

Don’t Accept a Settlement without an Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney

Your financial security is at stake when a serious injury from a truck accident leaves you unable to work and accumulating medical expenses. Don’t let an initial settlement offer from the insurance company entice you to accepting less than your truck accident claim is worth! 

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