If a car is too damaged to be moved after an Atlanta motor vehicle accident, the police officer at the scene will call a tow truck and ask the driver to take the vehicle to a storage yard. The car will stay in the storage yard until you or your legal representative tells them where the vehicle should go.


You will be charged for the cost of the tow truck, as well as a storage fee. The insurance company should cover these fees, but you may have to request that coverage.


If your towing and storage costs are excessive or if you wait too long to file a Georgia accident claim, the insurance company may refuse to pay these fees. Having a Georgia accident attorney on your side can help.


What can you do if the insurance company says your storage costs are too high? You may be a victim of a towing company scam. Atlanta car wreck lawyer Shane Smith discusses towing scams in the article "High Towing Fees? Learn How Unscrupulous Towing Companies Prey on Atlanta Accident Victims."


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