Imagine that you are trying to make a left-hand turn in your car at a busy intersection. You wait for the left arrow, and proceed with your turn. Suddenly, a bicyclist comes out of nowhere and you collide in the middle of the intersection. Both you and the bicyclist suffer injuries, though the cyclist immediately points the finger of fault in your direction. You are certain that you followed all traffic signals, laws, and other rules of the road, and did not act in a negligent manner at all to cause the accident. In fact, you are sure the bicyclist went against traffic signals to cross the intersection and caused the collision and your injuries, yet he assumes you were at fault. Unfortunately, this situation happens all too often, though luckily an experienced auto accident lawyer in Coweta County can help you win your case.


Many people assume that drivers are automatically at fault because they are in steel vehicles while bicyclists are much more vulnerable on the road because they have such little protection. However, bicyclists are required to obey the same traffic rules as any other vehicle on the road because, if they do not, accidents are more likely to occur. If a bicyclist fails to obey a traffic signal or right of way rule, he is acting in a negligent manner. If that negligence causes an accident, the cyclist should be held liable for any accidents or injuries he causes as a result.

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If you collide with a cyclist, you should not automatically be blamed for the accident if you did nothing wrong. An experienced auto accident attorney knows how to show that the bicyclist was truly the negligent party who should be held responsible. If you have been in an accident, call the Law Offices of Shane Smith at (770) 487-8999 to schedule a free consultation.

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