Truck drivers spend long hours driving hundreds of miles every day. They often feel pressure to drive as long as possible, because the more deliveries they make in a shorter amount of time, the more money they can potentially make. Years ago, this push to drive longer became an issue in the trucking industry because drivers began falling asleep at the wheel and causing dangerous accidents on a regular basis. In response, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) began making stricter rules and regulations regarding the number of consecutive hours a driver can safely drive per day, and the number of consecutive days a driver can work. Over the years, the regulations, called hours of service rules, have only become stricter in order to protect motorists even more. If a truck driver violates hours of service rules, he is acting in a negligent manner and should be held responsible for any accidents or injuries he causes. If you have been injured by a fatigued truck driver, you should call an experienced Fayette County trucking accident attorney immediately to discuss a potential claim for compensation.


Truck drivers are required to keep logs regarding how many hours they drove, how far they drove, and the times when they rested and/or slept. Trucking companies should regularly check these logs in order to ensure drivers are following the law. Often, if a log is inaccurate or falsified, a company can tell by the delivery schedule and receipts of that driver. If the miles and hours do not add up, the driver should be disciplined for violating the FMCSA. Drivers who are allowed to violate hours of service rules put all other motorists at grave risk of injury because a driver can become fatigued and may fall asleep at the wheel of these huge commercial vehicles.

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