Swimming pools are a terrific source of summer fun and exercise. However, swimming pools also have a high risk for drowning accidents and other injuries. If a children fall into a pool who do not know how to swim, chances of them saving themselves are slim and the situation generally ends in tragedy. For this reason, having a barrier around the pool is highly necessary to keep unsupervised small children from having access to the pool. If your child has suffered injury or death due to a swimming pool accident, an experienced personal injury lawyer in Peachtree City can help you hold the pool owner responsible.

Georgia regulations require pool owners to have a barrier around pools. New changes in the regulations will require barriers around any pool that is at least two feet deep, which includes above ground pools. Adequate barriers include walls and fences that do not have big enough gaps through which small children would fit. Additionally, the barrier must have a gate that has a lock or latch that is too high for children to reach.

Having a barrier is not enough, however, as a pool owner must regularly inspect and maintain a barrier and gate. He must check for any weaknesses or holes in the fence, and must ensure that the gate properly locks or latches. If an owner fails to do so and injury occurs, that owner should be held liable for his negligent actions.

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If your child has suffered injury due to an inadequate pool barrier, an experienced Peachtree City PI attorney can help you file a personal injury claim. If your child has tragically drowned because a pool owner failed to have or maintain a pool barrier, we can help you file a wrongful death claim and receive compensation for your loss. The attorneys at Shane Smith Law have extensive experience handling both PI and wrongful death cases, so no matter what your situation may be, call us today at (770) 487-8999 if you would like a free consultation.

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