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What to do when a Distracted Driver Sends Your Health & Finances Into a Tailspin

While driving your car near Spaghetti Junction, you are suddenly struck by another vehicle that failed to stop at the appropriate time. The driver of that car admits to foolishly using his navigation system at the time of the crash. As a result of his distracted driving, you are left with severe injuries, unable to work or to support your family. Fortunately, victims of distracted driving accidents have options. Our free report provides a valuable overview about this type of dangerous crash, and what you can do to protect your legal rights after it occurs. Reading our guide will help you to:

Recognize Distracted Driving Accidents.

Distracted driving accidents are caused by more than just teenagers talking or texting on their cell phones. Any driver whose focus is compromised can cause an accident. By understanding more about this type of car accident, you will learn to recognize the signs for when one has occurred. If the other driver was swerving, ignoring traffic signals, or was slow to react; it is possible that you were both involved in a distracted driving accident.

Learn the How, What, and Why Behind Accidents Caused by Distractions to the Driver.

Thanks to public awareness campaigns, most people are aware that the use of cell phones contributes to distracted driving accidents. Distractions are caused by far more than just cell phone use, however. Distracted driving occurs any time a driver takes his focus away from the road. Talking to other passengers, eating or drinking food or beverages, or using a navigation system are just three of the countless ways that a distracted driver may cause a crash. As technology improves and devices become more portable, new potential causes of driver distraction are created each day.

Understand What to Do After a Distracted Driving Crash.

Naturally, after an accident on the Downtown Connector, your first priority should be seeking medical treatment for your injuries. What you do next, however, is crucial to the potential success of your legal claim. Fortunately, a knowledgeable attorney can help guide you.

Hire the Right Attorney for Your Claim.

Finding the right attorney for your distracted driving case can make or break your chances for success. Unfortunately, all attorneys are not created equal. It is vital that you find someone with experience in handling this specific type of car accident claim, as well as someone you trust and who makes you feel comfortable.

Understand What to Expect During the Legal Process.

From gathering evidence to support your claim, to dealing with pushy and aggressive insurance companies, there are many steps involved with the legal process. Fortunately, your attorney can handle many of these tasks on your behalf. This will ultimately leave you with a feeling of confidence that your rights are being protected.

In addition, this free report will address the most common questions that arise after a distracted driving crash. As an accident victim, many of these questions are likely weighing heavily on your mind. We strongly encourage you to review this helpful guide, and to contact our office to discuss your legal options. Get your free copy of What to Do When a Distracted Driver Sends Your Health and Finances Into a Tailspin today.

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