Did you slip and fall in Norcross? If so, don’t let the intimidation of “the 15 minute rule” stop you from attempting to get a recovery. Premises liability attorney Shane Smith explains in this video.


 Many times when a person is talking to the insurance adjuster or the store they will be told “Well, we satisfied the 15 minute rule.” There’s not a hard and fast rule in Georgia that states a 15 minute rule, but it is a factor that’s considered if everything else is equal. This rule basically means if a store checks an area every 15 minutes for customer safety, then they have performed reasonable inspection procedures. Therefore, if they didn’t see a defect during the inspection, it must have been there for less than 15 minutes and you cannot recover. But this rule assumes that they must have actually been doing a reasonable inspection and following the procedures and they weren’t just walking through the store without looking at the floor and managing it.


If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident and have concerns about the 15 minute rule, call Norcross attorney Shane Smith for help with your accident case.

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