Can the Location of My Slip and Fall Accident Affect My Recovery?

Have you suffered a slip and fall in a store due to poor weather conditions? If so, it is extremely important to document the location of your fall and ask a few key questions. Peachtree City attorney Shane Smith explains the details in this video.

When the weather is bad and it’s raining, more people slip and fall and sustain injuries. This can be a very difficult type of slip and fall case because of the presumption that if it’s raining, there is a higher likelihood that people will track water resulting in unsafe conditions in a store. This scenario is most damaging to a client’s case when the fall is near the front of the store, as opposed to falling in the back of the store. This is why the location of the fall is so critical to us. In either situation, we will check to see if the store took any measures to make the area safer and whether it helped or actually created more of a hazard. Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean that there isn’t a case but it makes obtaining a recovery much harder.

If you have suffered a slip and fall and have preexisting conditions Shane Smith can help. Contact him today to schedule your free consultation.