Important Questions to Ask About Reasonable Inspection Procedures

Did you slip and fall in Peachtree city? If so, there are several factors that need to be considered when attempting to obtain a recovery. Attorney Shane Smith explains in this video.

Every store has some kind of inspection policy and procedure. The issue in question is whether or not the inspection policy is reasonable in light of the amount of traffic and customers they have. This is one of many factors we must evaluate in order to determine exactly what their policies and procedures are and if they have been followed. Some questions we ask are: “Is it reasonable for someone to walk around Walmart every 30 minutes as opposed to every 15 minutes? Is it reasonable for someone to check the restrooms at a restaurant every 15 minutes or does it need to be every hour?”  Many times, when you look at the back of a public restroom door, you can see where an employee has initialed paperwork showing when they last cleaned the restroom. This is a process that many stores have in place so they can document what they consider to be reasonable inspection procedures. These are examples of what we can evaluate and take to a jury in order to help you obtain a recovery in a slip and fall accident.

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