Key Factors in a Slip and Fall Case

In this video, Peachtree City attorney Shane Smith explains several critical factors he reviews when evaluating a slip and fall accident.

Sometimes people ask me “Well, other than the video what else are you looking for from the store?” The first and most obvious item we ask for is the video of exactly where the person was injured.  We also ask for all of the videos from the store for that day because sometimes the issue causing the accident is a recurring problem. If water or other substances have been on the floor for over 15 minutes it can be very critical for our case.  We also request a copy of the layout of the store. We want to know what specific items were on the end caps or at the end of the aisles because this can draw more traffic into an area. Case law states that a store has to have reasonable inspection procedures. For instance, during holiday seasons Wal-Mart will put all holiday decorations in one area. They know that it will be a higher traffic area, therefore, their inspection procedures in that specific area should be different than procedures in automotive parts which isn’t going to be a hot area during that time of year.

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