Slip and Fall Evidence Can Be Destroyed

Have you suffered a slip and fall accident in Norcross? If so, time is of the essence. The main issue in a slip and fall case is making sure the evidence doesn’t disappear. That’s why getting a lawyer involved—especially one who does a lot of slip and fall or premises liability cases—is important, as he can make sure that the evidence is preserved.

When you work with Norcross slip and fall lawyer Shane Smith, he will send the store where you slipped and fell a specific letter that tells them to keep the videos. He also asks for the videos for the entire day, not just for the 15 minutes in the specific area where you got hurt. The reason for requesting the full day’s videos is that he wants to determine if the materials were there for an extended period of time or if anybody else saw them or turned them in.

He also asks for very specific data concerning what was in place on the end caps—basically in the aisles of the store—so he can see if the store created a high-traffic area where you got hurt. 

Early involvement can help prevent crucial evidence from being destroyed. If you’ve been injured, don’t wait to seek help. Contact Norcross slip and fall attorney Shane Smith today.