Static Defect and Slip and Fall Cases

As you very well know, and as Peachtree City slip and fall attorney Shane Smith explains in this video, you can slip and fall nearly anywhere. However, a slip and fall is not always a cut and dry case. It frequently depends on where you fell.

Certain types of areas are better for the injured person for recovering compensation than others. A lot of times, department stores, grocery stores, and gas stations are ideal locations—any time it’s inside of premises. However, when you step outside of a store into a parking lot, it’s a slightly different type of case.

When you’re outside of premises, it’s considered to be more of a static defect. A static defect applies where there’s some type of damage to the area that doesn’t change very quickly, but it's stationary. Different rules apply in a static defect case versus a slip and fall case, which is why it’s imperative to hire an attorney who knows the difference.  

If you slipped and fall—inside or outside—Shane Smith can help. Contact him today to schedule your free consultation.