What Is A Static Defect?

In this video, Peachtree City slip and fall attorney Shane Smith explains everything you need to know about a static defect. A static defect is when something outside is designed improperly, such as a hole in the floor or a crack in the sidewalk. Static means it’s not changing and it’s there almost permanently.

Cases involving injuries caused by static defects have different rules than regular slip and fall cases. If you traverse or have been to this place before, the assumption is that you’ve seen the hazard and you should have taken caution. This is not a factor that can kick out your case, but it is one thing that must be evaluated. Because this is a static defect, the presumption that the store owner should have seen it based on reasonable inspection procedures can also be made.

If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall case due to a static defect, don’t assume you can’t do anything about it. Call Peachtree City slip and fall attorney Shane Smith for help with your accident case.