What Is Reasonable Care?

Have you been injured in a Norcross slip and fall accident? If so, it’s important to know about reasonable care and how it can affect your recovery. Premises liability lawyer Shane Smith explains in this video.

When we’re evaluating a slip and fall case, it is important for us to review what you were doing when you got hurt. The law in Georgia states that as a patron of a store, you must exercise reasonable care for your own safety. This law comes into play if you see a wet area on the floor; deliberately choose to step forward to get an item on the shelf and slip and fall. Another example is if you are walking in the store and see a hazardous area, but rather than going around, you decide to jump over it and sustain injuries as a result of this action. These situations can actually be very damaging to your case if a jury or judge has reason to believe you weren’t taking reasonable steps to keep yourself safe.

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