Atlanta Truck Accident Attorney Offers 10 Tips to Stay Safe on Road

Accidents aren’t only inconvenient, they are dangerous. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were approximately 6 million car crashes in the United States. Of these 6 million crashes, 30 percent resulted in injuries and 1 percent in death. These are frightening consequences of an accident

To protect yourself against these consequences, consider these tips from an Atlanta truck accident attorney:  

  • Always wear your seat belt, even if you are only going a short distance.
  • Drive at the speed limit. Do not drive slower or faster than the limit because both could lead to an accident.
  • Know where you are going before you start your trip to avoid distractions like signs, maps, etc.
  • Keep your eyes on the road at all times.
  • Never drink alcoholic beverages and drive.
  • Always check your blind spot before changing lanes.
  • Make sure you are in good health. Some medical conditions may increase your risk of an accident.
  • Have your car regularly checked for problems. Faulty brakes or faulty tires may cause an accident.
  • Stop driving if you are sleepy.
  • Avoid driving during storms and at night. 

With these tips, you can decrease your chances of getting into an accident. Keep them in mind as you step into your car today. They could save you from becoming seriously injured. 

Contact an Atlanta Truck Accident Attorney 

If you’ve recently been involved in an accident, find out if you are entitled to compensation. You may be able to receive reimbursement for economic damages and compensation for noneconomic damages. Seek the legal advice of an Atlanta truck accident attorney at Shane Smith Law. Call (980) 246-2656 to schedule a consultation today. For more information about your accident, read 10 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Georgia Wreck Case.

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