Attorney in Atlanta Explains Injury Claim Process for Georgia Truck Accidents (Part A)

The process of pursuing a truck injury claim can be complicated and time-consuming. With so many variables that may play into it, it is best to seek counsel from an attorney in Atlanta who has experience with these types of claims.

Not only could you hold the truck driver liable but you may even be able to hold the driver’s employer responsible. Violations or other safety issues may arise that point back to the trucking company. This is why seeking help from an Atlanta auto injury lawyer would be in your best interest.

Truck Accident Claims Process

The first step in beginning the claims process is to contact the insurance company and report the accident. Although each case will be unique and may have special extenuating circumstances surrounding it, there are some general things you can expect to happen.

The claims process will involve collecting evidence. This evidence will be used to not only prove fault in the accident but will demonstrate the types of injuries sustained and the impact those injuries have had on the victim.

When it comes to the evidence surrounding fault, you will need as much documentation as possible, which may include: 

  • truck driver’s log book (which indicates rest/sleep and driving hours);

  • records of any safety violations pertaining to the truck, company or driver;

  • maintenance records/inspection reports on the truck;

  • copy of the policies and procedures for the truck company;

  • photographs of the damaged vehicles, accident scene;

  • copy of the police report;

  • truck’s on-board recording device; and

  • statements from eyewitnesses. 

Some of these items can only be obtained through an attorney in Atlanta. In addition, an attorney may also be able to enlist the help of an accident reconstruction expert or another source that can be helpful in establishing fault. Contact an Atlanta car accident attorney today for help.

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