Log Industry Truck Accidents

Georgia Truck Accident Attorney Shane Smith Talks About Trucking Accidents in the Logging Industry

The logging industry is essential to America’s economy and conducting business globally. Transporting logs that are destined for the wood mill and used to build structures, fences and related uses can be very dangerous with a driver that is not adequately trained or with a negligent driver.

Based on recent statistics from the U. S. Department of Transportation, show logging tractor trailers are involved in 13 percent of traffic crashes.

Of the half-a-million truck crashes every year in the United States, human error is to blame for 86 percent of the accidents.

3 out of 4 injuries involving trucks are sustained by individuals besides the truck operator

Almost 5,000 trucks are party to accident-caused deaths.

Speaking with a Suwanee truck accident lawyer helps victims and families of deceased victims understand their legal rights when they are injured due to the negligence of a logging truck driver. 

Why is there a potential for accidents with logging trucks?

Due to the sheer magnitude of the lumber transported and the size of the trucks, when a truck is not operated correctly, due to driver error or other factors, such as poor road conditions, that do not permit the truck to be operated in a safe manner, severe injuries and death can easily result.

How can an accident happen and impact innocent drivers?

There are many reasons an accident can occur, including:

  • Jack-knifed truck
  • Roll Over
  • Improperly trained driver
  • Driving in poor weather/road conditions.

Innocent drivers are impacted when logs are not secured while the truck is driving, when the truck itself hits and/or lands on the car, or when both occur. Severe injuries and even death can result when raw timber and/or the truck itself hits an innocent driver and their passengers. Victims of a logging truck accident or any truck accident are advised, to contact a Georgia truck accident lawyer. When you speak with a Gwinnett County truck accident lawyer at Shane Smith Law you are able to see how Georgia law applies to your individual circumstances.     

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