Was Your Georgia Truck Wreck Caused by Safety Violations?

Thousands of semi-trucks pass through Georgia on their way to other states, as well as thousands of trucks that transport goods intrastate. With an increasing number of large commercial trucks on the road, more violations are bound to occur.

This is why Georgia’s Department of Public Safety conducts safety inspections on commercial motor vehicles for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program. Through compliance reviews, safety audits, and highway inspections, the Department is able to help make the road a safer place by making sure trucking companies comply with safety regulations.

What is involved in the inspection?

The inspectors conducting the compliance review will look at a truck driver’s log books, his health records, and the truck itself. When inspectors conduct a walkaround or get under the truck to inspect it, they may find violations of safety regulations.

While thousands of trucks are inspected each year, and the Department conducts hundreds of compliance reviews annually, not every truck is inspected. The most common violations of state or federal truck safety regulations found with inspected trucks include:

  • No yearly mechanical inspection of the truck

  • No time records for the truck driver

  • No commercial truck driver’s license

  • Trucker did not conduct a pre-trip inspection in writing

  • Trucker did not perform a post-trip inspection in writing

  • Truck driver exceeded hours-of-service limits

  • Warning devices such as triangles are not onboard 

  • Surpassing weight requirements

  • No fire extinguisher onboard

  • Use of radar equipment

  • No US DOT number

  • Trailers did not have working brakes, lights, or reflectors

  • No medical exam certificate of trucker

Officers who perform roadside inspections find that the majority of violations involve truck drivers exceeding hours of service, truck loads surpassing weight requirements, brake failure, and not having a commercial driver’s license.

Any one of the above violations could lead to a Georgia truck accident. When drivers exceed too many hours on the road or pull too large of a load, they may not realize the dangers in which they are placing themselves and those around them.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration put requirements in place for a reason: to minimize truck accidents in Atlanta, throughout Georgia, and nationwide. However, not every truck or his trucking company complies with these rules.

If you were injured in a Georgia truck wreck, you need to speak with an experienced Atlanta injury lawyer to find out about your rights. An attorney skilled in this area of law can determine whether a truck driver was in violation of a rule which led to your accident and injuries. Call Shane Smith Law at (980) 246-2656 today for your complimentary case consultation.

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