Top 10 Causes of Truck Accidents in Georgia and Elsewhere

Our roads and highways are filled with large commercial trucks that could cause an Atlanta trucking accident. These types of serious accidents can cause internal bleeding and other injuries that require hospitalization and long recovery times. If you were hurt in a car accident with a truck, you should contact a car accident attorney in Atlanta to learn about your options.

Unfortunately, an Atlanta trucking accident could happen to you, and many factors play into being hurt in a car accident. Here are the top 10 causes of truck accidents by drivers.  
  1. prescription drug use (abuse of painkillers or drug side effects);
  2. speeding;
  3. unfamiliar with road or area;
  4. over-the-counter drug use (sleep aids, stimulants);
  5. inadequate training;
  6. driver fatigue;
  7. illegal maneuvers (not obeying posted signs or laws);
  8. distractions (texting, reading, talking on the phone);
  9. aggressive driving; and
  10. inadequate vehicle maintenance (faulty brakes, mirrors). 
If you suffered from internal bleeding or some other type of injury because of one of these causes of truck accidents, you need to speak with a car accident attorney in Atlanta about how to receive compensation after being hurt in a car accident. Do not wait to seek legal help because the time you have to file a claim could be limited. 

Providing the Legal Help You Need after an Atlanta Trucking Accident

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