Commercial truck accidents can hold disastrous consequences for the drivers and passengers of the smaller vehicles involved. Those victims often experience the most property loss and the gravest injuries. If you’ve been hurt in an accident involving a big rig that was caused by negligent driving, speak with a truck accident lawyer.

While matters of driver liability and negligence in truck accidents are rarely simple or straightforward, the prevailing jurisprudence in personal injury cases generally finds that the following activities constitute negligent driving: 

  • aggressive driving – when a driver speeds, weaves, tailgates, or engages in other overly aggressive and reckless driving behavior, he or she poses a direct threat to other vehicles on the road;
  • driver error – this can include failing to properly signal or checking one’s blind spot. Yes, mistakes happen, but when those mistakes cost someone else their health or well-being, the victim is entitled to compensation;
  • inspections – drivers are expected to inspect their cargo loads before leaving on their route, and also the mechanics of their vehicle;
  • road conditions – an experienced driver should be able to tell the difference between hazardous conditions and those that can be safely approached; and
  • complications with cargo – in some cases, cargo is improperly secured or unevenly distributed, and when you’re dealing with a potential mass of 80,000 pounds, the distribution and security of the load can have a very real impact on the safety of nearby drivers. 

If you’ve been hurt in an accident that was caused by the negligent driving, don’t leave it up to the insurance companies to determine liability, negligence, and your settlement amount.

The truck insurance companies are using highly-trained attorneys to protect their interests in your accident claim, and you should have the same leverage. Speak with a truck accident lawyer who will give you a voice and protect your rights throughout your accident proceedings.

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